Monday, June 13, 2005

Episode III: Take Two

SigO and I went to see Episode III last week in digital. It was great
-- crystal clear, astounding visuals... and still clunky dialogue. But
we knew that.

I was still able to feel compassion for Anakin; be bewildered by his
sudden decision to bow to Sidious; and feel sorry for Hayden
Christensen for being saddled with the thankless task of delivering an
emotional performance for a director that wouldn't know one if it
walked up and bit him. Banter, he can do up to a point, as demonstrated by the interplay between Anakin and Obi-Wan in the first act. Sigh.

SigO has just completed his Phantom Edit and is already planning the
same for Clones and ROTS. I have many suggestions for him, but I'm
sure he's got them covered.

Note: adding links has started to bug me, so I'm posting this without
them for now.

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jeffamerica said...

My "phantom edits" of Menace and Clones are virtually done.

I think Sith is fixable. Can't wait till 11/05.

I've never felt the compulsion to go as far as to edit someone else's movie to please myself. Movies have flaws. It's just that there is a diamond in all these latest Lucas creations that needs to be found. I, and several other people, have re-edited these movies because we want so badly to be able to enjoy them. Lucas is so surrounded by wealth and yes-men that he doesn't understand how to craft a gem anymore, if he ever did.

It's amazing how deleting a line here, and a scene there can change the tone of the whole movie.

In my version of TPM, you actually like Anakin. He's cool and fun to root for. Hell, you may even like Jar-Jar.

I've started passing the edits out amongst trusted friends to see how they react. Everyone's got their favorite crap they hate from the prequels, which just shows how much the fans want to like them. We've watched them many times in spite of cringing through half of the dialog.

The edits I've made to the films are to make me happy. I'm sure other people who watch them will wonder why I didn't cut this line or that. Some stuff has grown on me. Some Jar-Jar amuses me. Sorry, but "Big Goober Fish!" is amusing to me.

Most of all, the experience of editing the Star Wars prequels ahs been an awesome way to learn how to extract DVD elements, edit in 5.1, leanr how to manage and edit a feature length movie, and compress and author a dual-layer DVD with AC3 sound. The results (pending critical opinoin) are pretty much flawless.

If you didn't know the original version of the movie by heart, you might not even know this was an edited version. This, I'm very proud of. Of all things, I'm a perfectionist, and I'm not embarrassed by my efforts in any way.

Dual-layer DVD's still cost a crapload (@ $10 per DVD-R-DL) so I'm not willing to give my edits away for free, but of couse I don't want any legal or other hassles for distributing the edits. However, if you're interested in seeing a copy, I'll send you one for cost plus shipping. I don't care about making money off this, but if the edit will make someone enjoy te movie more and appreciate my work, I'm happy to share.

Jeffamerica 6/16/05