Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Agatha Christie = Cheez Doodles.

They're light, crisp and fairly cheesy. You pretty much always know what you're going to get when you crack one open. And I really, really like them.

Am I talking about Agatha Christie novels or Cheez Doodles? Why can't it be both?

They're both good for the beach or a quiet weekend at home, and it's only a matter of time before LilBud loves Dame Agatha as much as he loves "oodle-oodle-oodles".

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day 2005

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Done did my civic duty, even though this election is only a bunch of propositions here in CA.

Just a taste of success in the '90s and I'm hooked... unfortunately the last few Election Days haven't gone my way.

Doesn't keep me from trying.

Monday, November 07, 2005

There's just too many of them! Sports Edition

The problem with being an omnivore is that there is just way too much to talk about.

"Is too much. Let me sum up."
  • Keano's comments - As I learned from reading his autobiography, Roy Keane is not afraid to say what he thinks. He called teammates on the carpet by name after the embarrassing slaughter last week by 'Boro. The difference between this and T.O. is that Keano did it in an interview that would be screened by the boss before airing -- therefore it never aired. Still doesn't win him any prizes.
  • ManU vs. Chelsea - Hooray! There was much dancing that startled the kitty. Should Keano get any credit? Who cares?
  • Colts vs. Patriots - Not snobby about types of football, regardless of soccer fan stereotype. It was a tight game for a long time, then the Pats started getting petulant. It was ugly to see.
  • Fantasy Leagues - I'm participating in a fantasy EPL and a fantasy NFL. Each has their drawbacks, but going forward I'm going to stick with the FEPL. Much more fun, much less confusing. But it still doesn't change the fact that my older brother seems to be running away with the FEPL title. Again.
  • NHL rule changes - Definitely making a big difference. Those extra three feet inside the blue line make it that much tougher to clear the zone on the penalty kill. The long breakout passes are spectacular. Now if only the Sharks could win a game in regulation...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hair color's just about right.

Another one of those quizzes for fun...

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?


Possessing a rare combination of wisdom and humility, while serenely dominating your environment you selflessly use your powers to care for others.

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

I could change the course of the future. I'd still have to bum rides off people.

(Hat tip to WWdN:iX)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Review: Keane

I read this book to find out more about Roy Keane, fiery Irish midfielder for my favorite footballers, Manchester United. It was a fairly quick read, not really going into any depth on most of his life. The main emphasis was on some of the events that had made him a somewhat notorious public figure in England.

Being a new fan of the English Premier League, a lot of the events were unfamiliar to me. In each of them, Keane is portrayed - of course! - as being a victim of circumstance because of his inability to put up with bullsh*t. Whether you buy that or not, it is interesting to see how he came to find himself dismissed from the Irish squad for World Cup 2002 (which I remember hearing about) or getting set up for tabloid fodder by a couple of conniving women.

What is perhaps most ironic of all about this book is that the blurbs all compliment the candor with which Keane writes... and then a new added chapter shows that one of the most controversial passages about a run-in on the pitch with another player was forcibly censored by the English Football Association.

Funniest thing about the whole book: several times Keane says something along the lines of "Gary Neville was born an adult" and "Gary Neville was never a child." If you've ever seen G. Neville play, it totally fits.

As for recommending it to read, only if you're a real fan. Might bore the socks off you otherwise. Good insight on some of the greats that Keane played with such as Eric Cantona and Steve Bruce, and it has some great pictures. My personal favorite is the infamous Bruce Lee move executed by Cantona on a hapless fan in the stands.

New Phone Phun

SigO and I finally got of our duffs and got on a family plan for our cell phones. Ridiculous that we should have gone so long without one, I know, but it was just one of those "Duh" moments.

Since I am an AT&T Wireless stepchild of a customer to Cingular, my existing line was added to SigO's plan after jumping through several hoops involving 800 numbers and identity checks. Hooray. And as a testament to my stubbornness in not wanting to get email or take photos on my phone, I got the more recent version of my basic flippy, the Samsung X497 (pictured above).

So far so good on the service, but the ringtones and graphics are LAME. I may be stubborn but I'm not that stubborn. I want cool crap on my phone! Looks like my best friends will no longer be able to trigger "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" and "Happy Valentine's Day" by Outkast will no longer signal SigO. And since I am now the subordinate on the plan, I can't log on to the web to download, and for some reason can't access downloadable ringtones or graphics from my cell phone.

Someone decided that IM would be a good idea, however, so now I seem to be permanently signed in to Yahoo! Messenger. Curiouser and curiouser.

Actual added bonus, however, is that Caller ID now shows my cell phone number with SigO's name. Heh. Mistaken identity hijinks set to ensue!

Daylight Savings Time GRR!

Yeah, this is what I'm coming back with.

Still completely out of sorts from the time change two days ago. Why can't we just leave the clock alone?

Don't make me move to Arizona.