Monday, November 07, 2005

There's just too many of them! Sports Edition

The problem with being an omnivore is that there is just way too much to talk about.

"Is too much. Let me sum up."
  • Keano's comments - As I learned from reading his autobiography, Roy Keane is not afraid to say what he thinks. He called teammates on the carpet by name after the embarrassing slaughter last week by 'Boro. The difference between this and T.O. is that Keano did it in an interview that would be screened by the boss before airing -- therefore it never aired. Still doesn't win him any prizes.
  • ManU vs. Chelsea - Hooray! There was much dancing that startled the kitty. Should Keano get any credit? Who cares?
  • Colts vs. Patriots - Not snobby about types of football, regardless of soccer fan stereotype. It was a tight game for a long time, then the Pats started getting petulant. It was ugly to see.
  • Fantasy Leagues - I'm participating in a fantasy EPL and a fantasy NFL. Each has their drawbacks, but going forward I'm going to stick with the FEPL. Much more fun, much less confusing. But it still doesn't change the fact that my older brother seems to be running away with the FEPL title. Again.
  • NHL rule changes - Definitely making a big difference. Those extra three feet inside the blue line make it that much tougher to clear the zone on the penalty kill. The long breakout passes are spectacular. Now if only the Sharks could win a game in regulation...


jeffamerica said...

Older brother winning the FEPL? Malarky. Younger Brother and I are closing in fast. It's just a matter of figuring out which players besides Lampard = Winning Formula! Like ManU has figured out and encouraged: Attack!

The Discriminating Omnivore said...

Believe it when I see it, not holding my breath... but hopeful that the one-season string of wins will be broken!