Monday, March 06, 2006

TiVo = software provider?

Looks like they're still traveling further down the software path according to this bit from Engadget:
TiVo's next act: software only?:
In recent comments to analysts, TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said that he envisions much of the company's future growth as coming from partnerships with cable operators. 'We're a total software upgrade when you think of the cable side of our business. The more that are out there, the more we have an opportunity to roll out to, the more we have the ability for cable subscribers to become TiVo subscribers.' While risky, the strategy might be TiVo's best bet to stay alive in the industry it helped create, given that many cable operators are already providing DVR service using boxes and software provided by companies such as Scientific Atlanta.

Again, this is what I said a while ago... and apparently I was not the only one to notice it.

The problem still remains convincing potential users that the TiVo interface is worth the extra money. Having seen what's available from the cable company, I would say that it is definitely a better solution.

But then, I already have a TiVo that I use every day.

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