Friday, December 26, 2008

There are no random events.

In my new role in a new industry (to me, anyway), I am doing a lot of research into efficient and cost-effective ways to get the word out. While reading an ancient book - publication date, 2002 - about email marketing, I came across a sample of an email newsletter that was cited as an effective way to keep a reader's interest and decrease the number of opt-outs.

Lo and behold, the sample included mentions of BroadVision and Inktomi, two players that were prevalent in my previous life. Fair enough, most people have heard of these two companies, particularly since Inktomi did some eye-catching TV and print ads back in the day...but then the article in this newsletter also made mention of my employer for eight years, the now-defunct enterprise search company, Verity, Inc.

Whaa? No one has ever heard of them outside of the industry. I mean, come on now. That's like finding out that the former CEO of Verity, whom I knew very well, was working on a new web project in LA with my younger brother a few years back. Honestly! What are the chances?

There are no random events. Obviously, all roads lead back to me.

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