Thursday, February 23, 2006

How does one handle disappointment?

How does one handle disappointment?

This is a question that I'm finding myself faced with these days. Yesterday brought less-than-good news on two fronts, and I'm finding myself wondering about this.

Notice the qualification in the description, though -- these are not necessarily tragedies, travesties or life-changing events, just disappointments.

The disappointments in question are the kind that should be relatively easy to get over because they are each part of an ongoing process right now. It just means that I didn't get the outcome that I was hoping for. The results I did get were mainly because of events that were outside my control.

So, I've done a little moping, had some discussion with SigO and am moving on. Sometimes it also helps to have some sort of distraction to lighten the mood.

It strikes me that there are many different kinds of disappointments, ranging from the "I didn't make the team" variety to the more serious Miss Havisham sort. The true test is in how deeply one lets these little setbacks affect one.

Personally, I'm striving for the "I didn't make the team" nonchalance at the moment.

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