Friday, February 17, 2006

Review: Dune - Extended Version

In order to continue to maintain my geek street cred, I must confirm that I am in fact a huge fan of the David Lynch film Dune. Call it the product of a Youth Misspent Watching Cable.

When SigO told me that there was a new DVD coming out that included the extended version, I was all over it. Pre-ordered from Amazon, it arrived on its release date, January 31st.

Imagine my surprise when we got the disk -- flashy metal DVD case -- and put on the extended version. I'll just quote from my review over at Rotten Tomatoes:
It's labeled as an Alan Smithee film so that should tell you something... they've recut the beginning to remove Irulan and done some other very strange things, even down to making some soundtrack changes. I don't know the full extent as I was too aghast to make it too far in. Will have to steel myself to get through the rest of it.
Overall, great if you're a fan because of the behind-the-scenes stuff. Otherwise, eeewwww!! And actually, that may be your reaction even if you are a fan.

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