Friday, February 03, 2006

Job Search Tools: SimplyHired & Indeed

Another tool in my arsenal is the online listing aggregator. I have experience with two of them, SimplyHired and Indeed. Each allows you to create a search and receive email alerts on a daily or weekly basis that contain the latest listings.

What this means is that instead of having to go to CareerBuilder, Monster, craigslist, etc. on an individual basis and do an separate search on each, you can have them all delivered to your mailbox. There is some lag time between the listing and the arrival, of course, which is a risk you must be willing to take.

It gives me some confidence that many of my bases are being covered. I would still recommend, however, that if you are targeting a specific company that periodically searching the company site should be the first step.

Once located, you can use your LinkedIn account to find out how you might be connected into the company. LinkedIn also offers a download called JobsInsider that pulls up a separate frame in the same window that contains that information for any listings on any general job site. Quite fascinating.

Haven't had any slam dunks on that, either, but at least I can feel informed.

More info in an article by SearchViews, available here.

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