Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How to Blow an Interview

Some suggestions if you'd like to not create the best impression when meeting someone about a potential job for yourself:

1) Show up late
2) Chew gum
3) Roll eyes
4) Respond to all questions with a dismissive "tchuh!"
5) Forget your interviewer's name
6) Eat a turkey lunch right before an afternoon interview
7) Pick out your office decor
8) Ask interviewer: "Are you going to be my admin?"
9) Talk about how much you prefer another company, preferably a direct competitor
10) Ask interviewer: "If I'm totally late a lot, is that like, a problem?"

I avoided most of these things yesterday, fortunately, which means that I am now short-listed for a potential position. Hooray for me!

The one thing I did not get right was the turkey lunch before going in. Sure it's supposedly an urban legend, but couple that with a boiling hot conference room and there's trouble. Somehow I pulled through without a nap -- and I guess it really doesn't need to be on the list since I'm into the finals.


Dumb Ox said...

Good luck on the job. I liked the books you're reading so I thought I'd say hellooo.

I teach Candide regularly in my Western Civilization courses, and sci-fi (and classic mysteries) are more favorite leisure reading. Apart from P.G. Wodehouse, who has no rival in the farce department.

All the best,
D. Ox

The Discriminating Omnivore said...

Thanks D. Ox. Great to hear from you.

I also enjoy Wodehouse -- brought to Bertie by the BBC series starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

Cheers, Domnivore.