Wednesday, March 16, 2005


While creating this site, I've been having an internal debate as to how much to reveal about my identity. But because of this article by Steven Levy of Newsweek, I will tell you that I am a woman. Not quite the diversity add-on though because I am white, but at least I'm putting up a site, right?

I'm also debating how much to write about myself and how much to write about the stuff I really want to write about, which is popular culture and whatever strikes my fancy for that day. After months of sending my husband SigO odd tidbits to post on his site, I decided to create my own so I could stop bugging him.

My little pebble now aspires to make ripples in the blogosphere, just like everyone else who creates one of these.


aotero said...

Who cares about who you are?

The Discriminating Omnivore said...

Good point -- I guess you especially do not care.

That being said, I'd prefer a little anonymity for those who don't know me.