Thursday, March 17, 2005

Let The Games Begin!

Ah, 'tis the season for the March Madness. I don't follow college basketball ordinarily -- 'cept the ACC when I can get the games -- but since I subscribe to Sports Illustrated I seem to read about it quite a bit anyway.

It has become a tradition for someone in our family to start a brackets competition on, and it has also become a tradition for me to come in last. Fortunately there is no money involved, and who really needs braggin' rights?

I've got Arizona winning it all, but I don't call my picks "Dart Board" for nothing. So far (4 PM PT), 'Bama, Penn, Pitt and UTEP have let me down. And it's only the beginning!

UPDATE: As of March 21st, I am dead last in the family bracket competition. Maybe I should just admire my consistent ability to bring up the rear?

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