Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Review: The Winter Queen

Since there was nothing on TV last night and I didn't feel like watching a movie on TiVo, I took the evening to finish The Winter Queen by Boris Akunin. I am a big fan of a good mystery -- I like trying to figure them out -- and had read about the most recent installment of this series in Entertainment Weekly. Of course I had to start at the beginning.

Set in the 1870s in Russia, it has some interesting details about the way they lived then and some contrasts between Russia and Europe. Although I had it figured out fairly quickly, it was still engaging enough to finish reading. If you're looking for something light to get you through a plane ride, this could be your book.

Another interesting aspect was the fact that the book was originally written in Russian and translated. It makes one wonder what might nuances might have been lost.

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