Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Incredibles DVD

Picked up this gem yesterday, mostly in order to watch "Jack-Jack
Attack" (see sidebar for more info). Very cute, hearkens back to
Saturday morning cartoons in length. It explains a lot of what was
freaking Kari out in her numerous messages to Mrs. Parr in the movie.

The special features on the DVD were fantastic as well, with many
in-depth interviews, including descriptions of how they built the
software they used to create these wonderful characters. For example, when they started out, Violet's long hair was "theoretically impossible." Somehow they pulled it off.

As SigO pointed out, however, while the directors and animators were
touting the acting of the voice talents, they were not listed on the
box or included in the features. Maintaining the illusion much?

That being said, as DVD collectors/animation fans, there was no way
that we could miss getting this one. I also highly recommend the Iron
if you haven't seen it.

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